Change To Admissions At The Cat Cafe

For those of you who have been with us since we started, you may remember a time when The Cat Cafe looked like this.

The Cat Cafe Playpen During Pre-Opening

The Cat Cafe Playpen During Pre-Opening

We have to say, we’re a little embarrassed by this. The person who wrote the place needed a woman’s touch was right. But that’s what happens when you get a contractor, a day laborer, and a person who’s motivated to open together. Everyone wants a functional, and not necessarily attractive, solution.

We’re happy to say that we’ve done a lot to enhance the customer experience at The Cat Cafe. Now, the interior looks like this.

The Playpen at The Cat Cafe Now

The Playpen at The Cat Cafe Now

We don’t think there’s anyone who can say the second picture isn’t a lot more pleasing aesthetically. We’re glad to have made these enhancements to the customer experience.

Why are we telling you this? Because the rising cost of doing business is forcing us to make some changes. We’ve been proud of having customers to purchase an item as their admission to get in to interact with the cats.

Unfortunately, with the costs of doing business rising, this system just does not generate the revenue needed to continue operations. And that is why we are shifting to an entry fee system.

We’ve looked into the admission policies of cat cafes throughout the country. We’ve found that admissions go as high as $25 for cat cafes in Los Angeles and San Francisco. A newly opened cat cafe in Boston is charging $15 for an hour of time with their cats. And their cats are not adoptable nor do they serve any food or drink.

We also surveyed customers of The Cat Cafe to get your thoughts. We appreciated your feedback and it was critical in our decision making.

Effective December 1, The Cat Cafe will switch to an admission fee system. We will charge $6 per person to enter the cat playpen. This fee will include a food or drink item. We feel this will help us generate the revenue needed to continue sending cats to good homes while maintaining a reasonable price for visitors.

To make things more economical for our frequent visitors, we will be selling memberships for unlimited admissions and a food or drink item. Memberships will cost $25 for a monthly pass and $200 for an annual pass.

Those of us at The Cat Cafe understand this is a big change. It’s not something we take lightly. We hope our customers understand we need to do this in order to continue operating.

You are welcome to contact us with your views on this change. We appreciate your continued support.

The Cat Cafe Sends Five Cats Home in October 2017

In October 2017, The Cat Cafe sent five cats to good homes and raised $293 to help The Rescue House carry out its mission of saving cats. The five cats who went home, Blaise, Yogi, Lila, Nathan, and Finley, brought the total number of cats sent home by The Cat Cafe to 261 since January 2015.

“It’s always fun to send cats home,” said Tony Wang, general manager of The Cat Cafe. “Sometimes, though, if they’ve been with us for a while, it can be a little bittersweet. So while we were really happy that Nathan and Lila went home, it was a little sad for us to know they wouldn’t be greeting us when we came in the next day. But sending Ninja Nate and Little Liles home means that we are able to help The Rescue House take care of more cats.”

“We’re also happy that our customers helped us raise close to $300 for The Rescue House,” added Wang. “This goes directly into helping The Rescue House with the supplies and services they need to keep operating. People like the ones contributing are a big part of the reason why The Rescue House has been able to send over 13,000 cats to good homes since they were founded in 1999.”

In addition to giving you the results from October, we want you to meet the newest member of the clowder. The Rescue House decided we didn’t have any fluff at The Cat Cafe. So, they figured we needed a long hair cat.

Meet Roxy at The Cat Cafe


And that is why they brought Roxy in to join the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Roxy is a black and white domestic long hair. She’s very inquisitive and friendly when it’s quiet. Even when there are a lot of people, she peeks out into the playpen to see what’s going on. This four year old tells the other members of the clowder to back off if they get too close. But we’re sure that will change once she gets used to the space.

Roxy’s arrival brings the number of cats in our clowder to 12. Come on in, enjoy a coffee, and have fun with them!

Meet the Four Latest Cats at The Cat Cafe

At The Cat Cafe, we said goodbye to several cats recently, including long term residents Nathan and Lila. We will miss Ninja Nate appearing from nowhere, and we’ll miss Lila’s chirp meow. Sending them to a good home made things easier for us and and made us happy. With those cats finding new homes, The Rescue House brought additional cats in. Let’s introduce them to you.

The first group of cats are a group of sisters who all have names starting with the letter G. And even though these three girls all are part of the same litter, they’ve got different personalities and one of them has a completely different coat pattern from her sisters!

Fortunately for these girls, a kind person found them when they were still nursing. In order to help these cats thrive, an animal rescue group brought them to a foster home, where they were raised in safety and with a lot of love. This really helped with their socialization, and when you see them interacting with people at The Cat Cafe, you’ll see how.

Meet Gemma at The Cat Cafe


Gemma is the most outgoing of the three. This orange tabby was exploring the playpen within minutes of arriving. She quickly started walking around with her tail in the air, and she started soliciting attention from people who she had just met right away. She quickly decided that she liked being by the windows, and that’s where you’ll find her most of the day.

Meet Glory at The Cat Cafe


Even though Glory looks a lot like her sister, she has a completely different personality. She’s a lot more cautious and takes a little while to warm up to people. She spent most of her first days at The Cat Cafe in the retreat, but when we went in there, she was very affectionate. She’s also got a demanding meow and if she wants your attention, you’ll definitely know it!

Meet Gracie at The Cat Cafe


Yes, Gracie is definitely part of the same litter, even though she’s got a completely different color pattern. You’ve probably heard that cats like being up high. Gracie is proof of that. She quickly found that the top of the Urban Feline Carribean palm is the highest spot she can go to. So she goes there! And if you can get Gracie to come down, she may hop into your lap to show you affection.

Meet Sadie at The Cat Cafe


Sadie is the only arrival who isn’t part of this group of sisters. You’d never guess it from how well she’s integrated into the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Sadie has been through a lot in her ten months of life. She and her kittens were dumped at a high kill shelter. Both she and her kittens were in horrible shape.

Fortunately, a rescue group stepped in and nursed these cats back to health. And Sadie blossomed with love and proper care. Pet Sadie, and she may hop into your lap to show you she likes it. And if she does that, her purr motor will really get going.

Come on in and meet the latest members of The Cat Cafe clowder. Who knows? You may fall in love with one of them and want to take them home! Or, you can just say hello to them and enjoy spending time with them.

The Cat Cafe Sends Five Cats Home

In September, we transition from the busy summer months into the more calm fall months. We don’t have as many visitors stopping in at The Cat Cafe, but we still have plenty of cats to entertain those who do come to visit. And for five of the cats from The Rescue House, September was a very good month. They went to their furever homes.

Marigold Was Adopted at The Cat Cafe


We sent Marigold, Felix, Daytona, Ronaldo, and Marco home in September. We’re always happy at The Cat Cafe when we send any cat home, but we’re especially happy to have sent Felix and Daytona home. Felix is blind, but he doesn’t let that slow him down. And when we told customers that Felix couldn’t see, many times they were amazed because they saw him running around the playpen like he could see everything.

Daytona could see just fine, but he suffered a fractured pelvis and because of that, he walked with a limp. The strange thing about his limp is how nobody noticed it when he was running. His limp became much more visible when he walked.

In addition to sending five cats to their furever homes, which took our total adoptions to 256, The Cat Cafe raised $293 for The Rescue House in September. We’re glad our customers help us raise these funds so that they can continue to do their good work.

As the days get shorter and we move into the fall, we’re happy that we’re continuing to see far more customers than we did the year before. That tells us that you’re enjoying your time at The Cat Cafe. We’re hopeful that this trend will continue. That will help us send more cats to good homes!

Please come in and visit us. Enjoy a hot drink instead of a cold one if it’s too chilly. And regardless of the temperature outside, you can count on warm and friendly cats here at The Cat Cafe.

Six Cats Join The Clowder

We’ve adopted out a lot of cats at The Cat Cafe lately. That’s why six new cats joined our clowder and why we’ll jump right into introducing them to you.

Meet Fig at The Cat Cafe


Fig is a boy who’s going on four years, and he’s an inquisitive and playful guy. You’ll find him entertaining customers with his antics and fun nature. Fig is cross eyed. But people say it makes him look even cuter. And he doesn’t let it slow him down.

Meet Nellie at The Cat Cafe


Nellie is about a year and a half, but she’s been through a lot. The house she was staying in burned down. She escaped, and returned to what was left of the linen closet to give birth to her kittens. Nellie went to a foster home, where she raised orphaned kittens in addition to hers. Now she’s looking for a home of her own.

Meet Finley at The Cat Cafe


A kind person found Finley wandering, and decided that he was so friendly he’d do well in a home instead of on the street. They were right! Finley loves to play and he entertains everyone when he gets going. At six months, he’s the youngest member of the clowder.

Meet Gidget at The Cat Cafe


A trap, neuter, and return program found Gidget in the Imperial Valley. But Gidget is friendly and doesn’t belong in a colony of feral cats. She belongs in a home of her own. That’s why the TNR program contacted The Rescue House, and we’re glad this girl who’s about a year old ended up at The Cat Cafe.

Meet Blaise at The Cat Cafe


Blaise also comes from the Imperial Valley. The people who found her contacted The Rescue House, asking for help. When they saw how playful and fun this girl who’s going on a year acts, they decided she needed to go to The Cat Cafe. Blaise is already playing with toys and goes running across the playpen when she’s in the mood.

Meet Manuel at The Cat Cafe


Last, but certainly not least, is Manual. Manual got a second chance on life with The Rescue House after being taken to a facility to be euthanized. He came to The Cat Cafe because we’ve had success with cats like him. This four year old has lots of life left, and would love a home where he gets the help he needs losing weight.

As we said, there are a lot of new felines to meet at The Cat Cafe. Come on by, say hi to some of these cats, and spend some time with ones you’ve met already.

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