Five Felines Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

We’ve had a lot of cats coming and going here at The Cat Cafe lately. We sent Andrew, Brandy and Gibbs, who had been here for a while, home. We also adopted out a cat who didn’t spend much time here, Ava. During the time they were here, we enjoyed interacting and playing with these guys. So it’s always a bittersweet moment when we send a cat home.

But when we send cats home, we get new cats in. And the five new arrivals are sure to put a lot of smiles on people’s faces. All of these five cats have similar stories. First, caring people took them in as kittens. Veterinarians treated them, and then after a while they found their way to The Rescue House. After various stops, they made their way to The Cat Cafe.

Diva, Jesse, and Monkey all took a long trip to get to us. A kind person found them in Imperial County when they were kittens and took them in. This person raised them to adulthood, and then contacted The Rescue House to see about getting them help to find a home for them. They are all about a year and eight months old.

Meet Diva at The Cat Cafe


Diva loves getting pets and attention once she gets to know you. She’s the most reserved of the three but she’s still sociable. She’ll hop into laps of people she likes, and loves to get her purr motor going when she’s happy.

Meet Jesse at The Cat Cafe


Of the three cats, Jesse likes to talk the most. He’ll let you know when he’s in the mood to play, which is most of the time. And if you don’t listen to his meow and give him the attention he wants, he’ll put his paw on your leg so that you can’t ignore him.

Meet Monkey at The Cat Cafe


The most active of the group, Monkey chases around virtually any toy you show him. He has quickly become a customer favorite here at The Cat Cafe and probably won’t last long. Make sure you interact with him before he’s adopted!

Our other two cats that just arrived were part of a trap, neuter and return program in El Centro. The veterinarians preparing to neuter them noticed they were sick. And so they spent additional time with people to properly recover. After that happened, the person taking care of them decided to find them a home inside. The Rescue House stepped in, and then they came to The Cat Cafe.

Both Erik and Groucho are young adults, at a little over a year old. And they both have very playful and fun personalities.

Meet Erik at The Cat Cafe


You’ll find Erik taking in the scene, relaxing, until he’s ready to play. And then when he plays, you’ll see why the doctors said that the residual scarring in his eyes doesn’t affect his ability to see. He loves to pounce on toys and wands and he’s always looking for things to play with.

Meet Groucho at The Cat Cafe


Groucho, if you can believe it, is even more brave than his brother. Within two days of arriving here, he managed to climb up to the top of the Eiffel Tower replica. He also managed to figure out how to get down without any help.

The five cats who arrived at The Cat Cafe will definitely put a smile on your face. Come meet them and enjoy spending time with them and the cats who have been here a little longer.

The Cat Cafe Adopts Out Two Senior Bengals

Since The Cat Cafe opened in January 2015, we’ve completed 235 adoptions. We enjoy all of these, but some of them are special because of the cats who get adopted. As you know, it’s difficult to adopt out senior cats. Even fewer people want to adopt a bonded pair. Then when a bonded pair are a breed that requires extra attention, it’s tougher still.

Which is why we’re very happy about the latest pair of cats adopted from The Cat Cafe. Gizmo and Iris are a pair of 15 year old bengal cats. They started at Coronado Animal Control, and then made their way to PAWS of Coronado. PAWS of Coronado knew we had experience with bengal cats, and they contacted us to see if we could help.

We checked with The Rescue House to make sure they would be okay with us taking in a couple of senior bengals. When they said yes, we told PAWS of Coronado to bring the bengals to us. We wanted to get these cats to a rescue group specializing in bengal cats. They would be safe with us until that happened.

Gizmo arrived first. He quickly jumped out of the carrier and started exploring The Cat Cafe. He growled at any cat who came too close to him, but it wasn’t aggressive. As soon as they backed away, he stopped. Gizmo quickly became a favorite of both customers and staff. He enjoyed hopping on people’s laps and climbing on their shoulders.

About a week later, Iris joined us. Initially grouchy because of a recently completed dental, Iris quickly warmed up. Soon, she was like her brother, hopping people’s laps and soliciting attention.

When no bengal rescue group stepped up to take in Gizmo and Iris, we decided that if the right person wanted to adopt this pair, we’d do it. And soon after we made that decision, one of our regulars decided that they wanted to take them home.

Gizmo and Iris Entertaining Customers at The Cat Cafe

Gizmo and Iris Entertaining Customers at The Cat Cafe

Within minutes of these two cats arriving at their new home, they were exploring  everything. They hopped onto their new cat tree, looked out the windows, and started investigating the house. They’re going to do very well in their new home. We here at The Cat Cafe are very happy that we were able to enjoy them while they were here and to have facilitated them going to a great home!

New Sidewalk Seating at The Cat Cafe

Many of you may remember that we’ve been working to get a sidewalk seating area put in for a long time now. We raised the funds to cover part of the expenses of building this out, and we moved forward. Progress was a lot less rapid than we wanted.

We thought the permitting process would be relatively fast and easy, because that’s what the mayor of the City of San Diego said he wanted. But, fast for a large City is very different than what a small business like The Cat Cafe considers fast. So we had to work through the different layers of bureaucracy in order to get our plans approved.

We finally got the plans for the sidewalk seating area at The Cat Cafe approved in February. We thought that meant we’d quickly have the seating area available for our customers. But then we ran into another delay. This time, it was with the supplier of the fencing material.

The supplier constantly promised our contractor, Balboa Fence, that they’d have the materials in by a certain date. That date would arrive, and the materials weren’t there. So Balboa Fence had to tell us to hang tight and that they’d get the fence in as soon as the material was here.

We’re happy to say this finally happened. And yesterday morning, the work crew from Balboa Fence arrived. It took them a morning to complete the task. It’s funny how the actual installation of the fencing took less time to complete than any of the paperwork behind it.

Sidewalk Seating at The Cat Cafe

Sidewalk Seating at The Cat Cafe

Now, we’ve got a sidewalk seating area here at The Cat Cafe. We think it looks great. The best part of this is now that when we have lines of people waiting to get in during our peak hours, we will be able to offer everyone a seat. And customers who just want to enjoy their drinks or food without interacting with the cats can do that now.

We want to thank everyone who helped with the funding to build out this sidewalk seating area. And we hope to see all of you here at The Cat Cafe so that you can enjoy it!

The Cat Cafe Sends Five Cats Home in April

We’re enjoying our partnership with The Rescue House here at The Cat Cafe. And we especially enjoy sending the cats they send us to good homes. In the month of April, we sent five cats to good homes. Customers adopted Tessa, Della, Magda, Arlow, and Dora in April.

Arlow Is One of Five Cats Adopted from The Cat Cafe in April 2017

Arlow Is One of Five Cats Adopted from The Cat Cafe in April 2017

We were especially happy about Arlow’s adoption, because it meant he was reunited with a fellow alumni from The Cat Cafe. Arlow joined his friend Rue, and the two of them are acting just like they did at The Cat Cafe. They play, run around, and entertain their people most of the day!

In addition to sending five cats home, The Cat Cafe raised $284 for The Rescue House. This money will allow The Rescue House to continue its mission of finding homes for unwanted, homeless, abandoned, and abused cats.

“We’re glad that we’re continuing to send cats to good homes,” said Tony Wang, General Manager of The Cat Cafe. “It’s especially gratifying to reunite two almuni from The Cat Cafe. If Rue and Arlow play in their new home like they did here, they are going to be a very entertaining pair. We’re not sure if their adopters will be able to get any sleep, though!”

With the five adoptions in the month of April, The Cat Cafe has now sent 231 cats home since opening in January 2015. We’re happy that we’ve been able to help enrich the lives of the people who adopted these cats. We’re also happy that we have been able to help free up some much needed space with our partner animal welfare organizations.

Don’t worry, though. We’ve still got plenty of cats for you to hang out with here. Come on in, enjoy your food and drink, and have fun with our cats. Maybe you will join the 231 others who have decided they wanted to take a four legged friend home!

A Bonded Pair of Sisters Joins The Cat Cafe Clowder

It’s very rewarding to find homes for bonded pairs. They tend to spend more time here at The Cat Cafe, because it takes a while for someone to be willing to take in two cats at one time. We don’t mind. We’re happy to have the cats in a home like environment until they find a home of their own.

We already have the bonded pairs of Brandy and Gibbs as well as Boo and Herkie here at The Cat Cafe. A third pair joined them here. Please say hello to Della and Madga.

Meet Della at The Cat Cafe

Meet Della at The Cat Cafe

Della is the older of the two, at a little over two years. She’s also the less active of the two cats. Don’t take that to mean this calico is not friendly. She takes a little bit of time to warm up to people she doesn’t know. But when she does, she loves to play with these people. Della will chase balls around, swat at wand toys, and give you reminders that fully grown cats still love to play. And like most cats, Della will find a sleeping spot here at The Cat Cafe when it’s time to recharge.

Meet Magda at The Cat Cafe

Meet Magda at The Cat Cafe

One year old Magda is much more active than her older friend, and loves to run around testing boundaries. She’ll find a way to turn the most mundane things into toys — including the litter box! Magda must have plenty of interaction from both people and cats. When she gets that interaction, she will reward you with a very sweet and cute meow. She does have a quieter voice, so you have to listen carefully for that meow. It’s well worth the extra effort.

These two cats are not related, but they’ve developed a mother-daughter relationship. And they will have to be adopted together.

Della and Magda bring us to our full complement of a dozen cats here at The Cat Cafe. Come on in and meet them. You may fall in love with one of our bonded pairs and want to take them home!

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