The Cat Cafe Raises $347 For The Rescue House in January

We were excited to move into our third year of operations at The Cat Cafe. Many people said we wouldn’t last a year. We’re glad we proved them wrong. And we are very happy to be the fourth oldest continuously operating cat cafe in the United States.

One of the things that we really enjoy at The Cat Cafe is sending cats home. And with the holidays just concluding in January, and with us having so many paired siblings, it’s not a surprise at all that it’s taking longer to find homes for our cats. That’s fine by us. We’ll make sure they’re happy here at The Cat Cafe until the right person comes along.

In January, we sent one cat home. And Bertie didn’t end up going very far from his foster home. We’re sure you’ve heard the term foster failure before. This means that someone who fostered a cat ended up deciding that their foster home should be their cat’s permanent home.

Bertie wasn’t a foster failure, but they did keep it in the family. Bertie went home with a relative of his foster. So that works out well for the entire family.

In addition to sending Bertie home in January, we raised $347 for The Rescue House. Thanks for your generosity!

And there are two more cats who we’ve taken in here at The Cat Cafe from The Rescue House We’d like to introduce you to Gigi and Tallulah. Because these two cats are getting used to the space, you may not see them much. But every day, they get more and more confident. We’re sure they’ll be joining us in the cat playpen soon.

Meet Gigi at The Cat Cafe


Before she was rescued, Gigi tried to fend for herself and wasn’t very successful at it. But after her rescue, she received the attention and care she needed. And soon, she blossomed. She’s still a little wary of people she doesn’t know well. This one year old girl does like to head bonk and receive pets from people she knows. She’s mellow and calm, so someone looking for a mellow and relaxed cat will be a good match.

Meet Tallulah at The Cat Cafe


You’re more likely to see Tallulah out and about. She’s also about a year old, and she came to us from the Imperial Valley. Tallulah’s started getting comfortable here, and she likes to explore the cat playpen after hours. If we maintain the calm and relaxed environment we strive for, Tallulah will start hanging out with us during the day.

We’d love to have you come by to welcome the two latest arrivals to The Cat Cafe and to hang out with your old friends! We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Cat Cafe Goes Green

One of the challenges we face at The Cat Cafe is that we have to serve our drinks in non-recyclable cups. It just doesn’t work for us to serve our drinks in reusable cups. Plus, with a dozen cats roaming around, even if we could serve drinks in ceramic mugs, it wouldn’t be too long before we had none left. After all, cats love to push things off tables!

We do look to reduce our environmental impact in other ways. For example, we make sure that we recycle what we can. And we’re happy to announce that we have signed up with Arcadia Power so that all of our electricity comes from non-polluting sources.

Since we signed up with Arcadia Power in August, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by four tons. That’s about the same as what driving a gasoline powered car creates over the course of a year.

If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint at no charge, you can sign up with Arcadia Power. It’s free to sign up to get half of your power from clean sources. If you want to join us at The Cat Cafe in getting 100 percent of your electricity from clean sources, you’ll pay a small surcharge.

In addition to this news, we wanted to share with you information about our two latest additions to the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Say hello to the bonded pair of of Josie and Mozart. These two eight month old cats took a few days to start to wander into the playpen. But now, they love hanging out with customers during the day.

Meet Mozart at The Cat Cafe


Mozart is a gray tabby, and he’s the more outgoing and social of the two. When he gets to know you, he loves to do little rolls. Be sure not to pet his belly, because it’s really tempting! But he doesn’t like that.

Meet Josie at The Cat Cafe


Josie is a little more shy, but she’s very friendly as well. Once she becomes comfortable with you, she will cock her head and raise her rear way up into the air. And she’s got a cute little meow that she uses to tell you to keep petting her.

We’d love to see you come in to visit Josie and Mozart and hang out with some old friends. And you can feel a little better knowing that the power that makes your drink comes from a non-polluting source here at The Cat Cafe.

The Cat Cafe Sends Five Cats Home in December

December tends to be a busy month for The Cat Cafe. We get a lot of visitors coming for the Holiday Bowl as well as visitors who want to make San Diego a part of their holiday season plans. And of course, San Diego residents make the trip in to relax with furry friends. Purr therapy is a great way to reduce the stress of the holiday season!

Some of our visitors decided to give one of the cats they met the best present they could ask for — a forever home. The Cat Cafe sent five cats home in December. We’ll miss Manuel, Gracie, Roxy, Sadie, and Gidget. But we’re glad they’ve found good homes. And we’re happy all of the follow up calls were positive.

In addition to sending five cats home in December, The Cat Cafe raised $287 for The Rescue House. We’re glad we were able to raise this money to help them continue to add to the more than 13,000 cats they’ve saved since they started operating in 1999.

When cats go home, new cats arrive. And we’re glad to have welcomed in Jayden, Justine, and Bertie. Interestingly enough, all of these cats arrived during our cats on mats sessions.

Meet Jayden at The Cat Cafe


Jayden and Justine are brother and sister. While they’re not considered a bonded pair, we’d like to send them home together. When Jayden went to the vet for a check up, Justine was looking for her brother all day. And here’s how you know they’re brother and sister. She greeted him when he came back, and when he tried to show affection to her, she gave him a swat.

Meet Justine at The Cat Cafe


These two one year old cats were found along with their siblings in a shed by a kind person. One of the vets The Rescue House learned about these cats. Thanks to adopters like the five who took home cats in December, The Rescue House had space to bring them in.

Meet Bertie at The Cat Cafe


Bertie is also a relatively young cat, at about eight months. He’s an inquisitive and friendly cat. Soon after his arrival at The Cat Cafe, he was sniffing the other cats and rubbing noses with them, so it’s clear he likes other cats. Bertie also likes people, and quickly started asking for pets and chin scratches.

Come on in to meet the three latest arrivals here at The Cat Cafe and say hi to some old friends.

The Cat Cafe Raises $304 For Rescue House In November

November is an interesting month for businesses in downtown San Diego. A lot of people travel for the Thanksgiving holiday so we lose a lot of local business. But, we also gain a lot of business because of people visiting San Diego from out of town.Because of the generosity of these visitors, The Cat Cafe raised $304 to help The Rescue House continue to find homes for adoptable cats.

In addition, The Cat Cafe sent two cats home in the month of November. Nellie went to a home where the two cats there also came from The Cat Cafe. And Zara took her extra toes with her to a home where she will leave paw prints all over the hearts of her adopters.

We’re glad we were able to send these two cats home and to help our partner continue to help find good homes for cats. These two adoptions took us to 263 adoptions since we opened our doors in January 2015.

As cats leave, we always bring in additional animals so that we can make sure we send as many cats home as possible. We’re glad that we were able to help out with some of the cats that came from a hoarding situation. An individual had close to 100 black cats in their home. When Department of Animal Services arrived to help, they found that many of the cats were blind due to inbreeding.

Ricochet, Nikki, and Vicki Came from a Hoarding Situation

Ricochet, Nikki, and Vicki Came from a Hoarding Situation

We’ve got four of those cats, and three of them are blind. But that didn’t stop them from running around the playpen here at The Cat Cafe. These four sisters started exploring their surroundings almost immediately after being released. One of the four cats, Ricochet, sees fine. Her sisters are named Lotus, Nikki, and Vicki. These three can’t see but it doesn’t slow them down.

You’ll have a hard time telling them apart, but what you won’t miss is their fun nature. When you see these cats playing, you’d never believe that they’re blind.

Come on in to see the new arrivals and to enjoy a visit with old friends. We look forward to seeing you at The Cat Cafe soon!

Change To Admissions At The Cat Cafe

For those of you who have been with us since we started, you may remember a time when The Cat Cafe looked like this.

The Cat Cafe Playpen During Pre-Opening

The Cat Cafe Playpen During Pre-Opening

We have to say, we’re a little embarrassed by this. The person who wrote the place needed a woman’s touch was right. But that’s what happens when you get a contractor, a day laborer, and a person who’s motivated to open together. Everyone wants a functional, and not necessarily attractive, solution.

We’re happy to say that we’ve done a lot to enhance the customer experience at The Cat Cafe. Now, the interior looks like this.

The Playpen at The Cat Cafe Now

The Playpen at The Cat Cafe Now

We don’t think there’s anyone who can say the second picture isn’t a lot more pleasing aesthetically. We’re glad to have made these enhancements to the customer experience.

Why are we telling you this? Because the rising cost of doing business is forcing us to make some changes. We’ve been proud of having customers to purchase an item as their admission to get in to interact with the cats.

Unfortunately, with the costs of doing business rising, this system just does not generate the revenue needed to continue operations. And that is why we are shifting to an entry fee system.

We’ve looked into the admission policies of cat cafes throughout the country. We’ve found that admissions go as high as $25 for cat cafes in Los Angeles and San Francisco. A newly opened cat cafe in Boston is charging $15 for an hour of time with their cats. And their cats are not adoptable nor do they serve any food or drink.

We also surveyed customers of The Cat Cafe to get your thoughts. We appreciated your feedback and it was critical in our decision making.

Effective December 1, The Cat Cafe will switch to an admission fee system. We will charge $6 per person to enter the cat playpen. This fee will include a food or drink item. We feel this will help us generate the revenue needed to continue sending cats to good homes while maintaining a reasonable price for visitors.

To make things more economical for our frequent visitors, we will be selling memberships for unlimited admissions and a food or drink item. Memberships will cost $25 for a monthly pass and $200 for an annual pass.

Those of us at The Cat Cafe understand this is a big change. It’s not something we take lightly. We hope our customers understand we need to do this in order to continue operating.

You are welcome to contact us with your views on this change. We appreciate your continued support.

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