Specials At The Cat Cafe For Comic-Con

As you all know, during Comic-Con, The Cat Cafe goes to a reservations only system for admission to the cat playpen. You are welcome to make your purchases as normal, but those will not get you in to visit with the cats like they normally do. We simply cannot accommodate everyone who wants to get in to interact with our friendly cats during Comic-Con. That’s why we’ll require reservations, which you can book here.

We will be extending our hours at The Cat Cafe during Comic-Con. Normally, we are open until 3 PM. During Comic-Con, we will extend our hours by 90 minutes and will stay open until 4:30 PM.

And when we’re open, you’ll be able to enjoy a few extra things. First, we will have our partner, The Cravory, on site. We normally have prewrapped cookies available for our customers to purchase, and we’ll still have those. These cookies are great for people who want to take them to go, because they’ll fit into a bag or a backpack easily. But in order to make sure we’ve got enough cookies on site to take care of our customers, The Cravory will be on site.

The Cat Cafe is also very happy to be partnering with USA Networks. Those who visit the Mr. Robot Experience will be able to download a special promotion. You’ll get any coffee drink and a cookie for $5. Please note that this special does not get you entry in to visit with the cats. You will need to make a reservation for that.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you enjoy the specials we’re doing around Comic-Con. It’s going to be very busy, and it’s going to be crowded. Please bring your patience when you come to see us. We definitely appreciate it and we appreciate your understanding as we change things at The Cat Cafe for Comic-Con.

Comic-Con Special is Back at The Cat Cafe

As you know, in about a month, the streets of downtown San Diego will be filled with superheroes, zombies, stormtroopers, and others just enjoying the show for Comic-Con. During Comic-Con, we here at The Cat Cafe go to a reservation only system. We simply cannot accommodate everyone who wants to visit our cats with 130,000 additional people downtown.

The Cat Cafe Comic-Con Logo

As in prior years, admissions to interact with the cats at The Cat Cafe will be available for purchase. We are holding the price at the same level as last year. So, for $15, you will get a food or drink item and half an hour with the cats.

Spots will be available starting at 8:00 AM, and go for 30 minutes. We will then give the cats 15 minutes to relax without people being in the playpen, and we’ll begin the cycle again. The last spot will begin at 3:30 and end at 4:00.

Last year, most of these time slots filled up and we had to turn people away. So please make sure you avoid disappointment and book your spot early to get the one you want. For those who want to try to get in without a reservation, we cannot make any guarantees. You are welcome to show up and purchase a spot, but we can’t promise you that there will be one for you at the time you want.

Also, during Comic-Con, The Cat Cafe will suspend adoptions. Putting a cat in a carrier and taking them to a car is stressful enough. We believe that doing so with an additional 130,000 people on the streets could turn even the most mild mannered cat into a feline Hulk.

The Cat Cafe appreciates the understanding of our year round customers during Comic-Con. We simply can’t run using our normal procedures with so many additional people wanting to visit us. Once Comic-Con is over, we’ll return to our normal procedures.

The Cat Cafe Raises $292 and Sends Eight Cats Home in May

May was a busy month for us here at The Cat Cafe. We had a number of fairly large conventions at the San Diego Convention Center, and then we had the long Memorial Day weekend. That meant a lot of people visited us, and because of those visits, we were able to send eight cats to new homes.

One of the highlights of the month was when we sent one of the first cats who arrived here from The Rescue House, Andrew, to his new home. In something that shows you just how tightly Andrew can weave his way into your heart, his foster showed up to help us adopt him out and to say goodbye to him!

And we also found a home for two fifteen year old bengal cats. Iris and Gizmo were customer favorites, so we’re sad that they left us but we’re very happy that they went to a person who will make sure they’re very happy.

Not only did we have a lot of customers visit us, but we had generous customers. That’s how we raised $292 to help The Rescue House continue their work of helping cats in need. The Cat Cafe is extremely grateful for the generosity of our customers.

Meet Sunny at The Cat Cafe


We wanted to also tell you about a new arrival at The Cat Cafe. Sunny is the latest cat to join us. He’s a two year old orange tabby. And he’s a very mellow and calm cat. Most cats complain when they get in a carrier, and they really hate car rides. Not Sunny. He didn’t say a thing during the ride to The Cat Cafe. And he hopped right out of the carrier when he arrived.

Sunny is still getting used to things here, so you won’t see much of him. When you do see him, he’ll greet you with head bonks and his unique meow.

We here at The Cat Cafe want to thank everyone who adopted in May and our generous customers. We hope to see you back again soon to meet Sunny and the rest of our cats.

Meet Ron and Lila

We recently introduced you to a bunch of cats who joined the clowder at The Cat Cafe. We don’t have as many to introduce you to this time, but we think you’ll like the latest additions to our clowder.

Meet Lila at The Cat Cafe


Lila spent most of her life living on the streets. She managed to find her way to the right home, because when the people living there saw her looking hungry and sad, they knew they had to help. The Rescue House gave her the care she needed to recover, and then her personality showed up.

One of the first things you will notice about this five year old girl is her meow. She sounds like a tiny little kitten even though she’s a fully grown cat. And when she wants to play, you’ll hear that cute meow. She enjoys playing with wand toys. Lila will also pounce on balls and may even drop one at your feet to tell you she wants to play.

Lila likes other cats, and she does well with dogs. She doesn’t like small children. She’s not mean to them, but she finds a way to escape those that visit The Cat Cafe.

Meet Ron at The Cat Cafe


The Rescue House raised Ron from the time he was a kitten. When his adopters decided they couldn’t keep him, The Rescue House brought him to The Cat Cafe. After arriving here, this one year, two month old boy started seeking attention. He loves interacting with people.

Ron likes sitting on cat trees when he’s not chasing toys around. He also will solicit attention from people he likes. And if Ron really likes you, you may get a treat when he hops in your lap. He gets along well with the other cats here at The Cat Cafe. And he’s fine with respectful children.

Come on by to meet the newest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe or to say hello to a favorite who’s been around for a while!

Five Felines Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

We’ve had a lot of cats coming and going here at The Cat Cafe lately. We sent Andrew, Brandy and Gibbs, who had been here for a while, home. We also adopted out a cat who didn’t spend much time here, Ava. During the time they were here, we enjoyed interacting and playing with these guys. So it’s always a bittersweet moment when we send a cat home.

But when we send cats home, we get new cats in. And the five new arrivals are sure to put a lot of smiles on people’s faces. All of these five cats have similar stories. First, caring people took them in as kittens. Veterinarians treated them, and then after a while they found their way to The Rescue House. After various stops, they made their way to The Cat Cafe.

Diva, Jesse, and Monkey all took a long trip to get to us. A kind person found them in Imperial County when they were kittens and took them in. This person raised them to adulthood, and then contacted The Rescue House to see about getting them help to find a home for them. They are all about a year and eight months old.

Meet Diva at The Cat Cafe


Diva loves getting pets and attention once she gets to know you. She’s the most reserved of the three but she’s still sociable. She’ll hop into laps of people she likes, and loves to get her purr motor going when she’s happy.

Meet Jesse at The Cat Cafe


Of the three cats, Jesse likes to talk the most. He’ll let you know when he’s in the mood to play, which is most of the time. And if you don’t listen to his meow and give him the attention he wants, he’ll put his paw on your leg so that you can’t ignore him.

Meet Monkey at The Cat Cafe


The most active of the group, Monkey chases around virtually any toy you show him. He has quickly become a customer favorite here at The Cat Cafe and probably won’t last long. Make sure you interact with him before he’s adopted!

Our other two cats that just arrived were part of a trap, neuter and return program in El Centro. The veterinarians preparing to neuter them noticed they were sick. And so they spent additional time with people to properly recover. After that happened, the person taking care of them decided to find them a home inside. The Rescue House stepped in, and then they came to The Cat Cafe.

Both Erik and Groucho are young adults, at a little over a year old. And they both have very playful and fun personalities.

Meet Erik at The Cat Cafe


You’ll find Erik taking in the scene, relaxing, until he’s ready to play. And then when he plays, you’ll see why the doctors said that the residual scarring in his eyes doesn’t affect his ability to see. He loves to pounce on toys and wands and he’s always looking for things to play with.

Meet Groucho at The Cat Cafe


Groucho, if you can believe it, is even more brave than his brother. Within two days of arriving here, he managed to climb up to the top of the Eiffel Tower replica. He also managed to figure out how to get down without any help.

The five cats who arrived at The Cat Cafe will definitely put a smile on your face. Come meet them and enjoy spending time with them and the cats who have been here a little longer.

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