Newest Arrivals Include a Special Cat

It’s always a fun time for us at The Cat Cafe when we welcome new cats in. First, it means that we’ve sent another cat to a good home, because the cats stay here until they get adopted. And it’s always fun to welcome new cats who we can get to know. We of course miss the cats who we send home, but knowing we have the chance to find good homes for additional cats takes the sting out.

So when the three most recent cats to join our clowder here at The Cat Cafe arrived, we enjoyed it. But this clowder includes a special needs cat. We especially enjoy having cats like him around. We can show our visitors that just because a cat has special needs isn’t a reason t pass them by. We’ll introduce you to this cat first.

Meet Felix at The Cat Cafe


His name is Felix, and he’s about a year and a half old. Felix has a few things that will make it a little more difficult to adopt him out. First, he’s a black cat. Unfortunately, black cats are the last ones to get adopted due to foolish superstitions. Felix is also blind.

But being blind doesn’t stop Felix from being a fun and playful cat. Felix learned the layout of the playpen in just a day or two. Then he started to play and run around like any other cat. There will be some things his adopters need to do, but if they’re willing to do a few minor things to accommodate Felix, he’s going to be a great companion.

Meet Zara at The Cat Cafe


We also welcomed Zara to our clowder. She’s also about a year and a half old. Zara made a long journey to get to The Cat Cafe. She traveled all the way from Barstow to get here. Zara raised two kittens who got adopted. Now she needs a home for herself.

Meet Yogi at The Cat Cafe


The third feline to join the clowder at The Cat Cafe is Yogi. He’s a little older, at around four years. Yogi is extremely friendly and will walk up to people he just met to say hello. And if you don’t pay enough attention to him, he’ll let you know you should with a very cute meow.

Come on in, enjoy a drink, and hang out with the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Who knows, you may fall in love with one of them and want to take them home.

Five Felines Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

We had a couple of adopters take home some long term residents of The Cat Cafe. Diva and Jesse went home first. These two stayed with us for a couple of months despite people thinking they’d go home quickly. Then Boo and Herkie, who were among the first cats from The Rescue House, went home. We’re going to miss these guys, but we’re glad they found a good home.

When cats find homes, new cats arrive. And we’re happy to introduce you to the five new members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe.

Meet Daytona at The Cat Cafe


When you see Daytona, you may think he’s hurt. You’ll definitely notice his limp when he walks around. No, this ten month old boy isn’t hurt. He is dealing with his joint issues just fine. You’ll notice his limp more when he walks than when he runs. And when he turns the purr motor on, you’ll completely forget it.

Meet Marigold at The Cat Cafe


Marigold is the smallest of the recent arrivals at The Cat Cafe. Customers often ask if Marigold will grow more. Because she’s 11 months, she’s not likely to grow more. She’s a playful and fun girl and she can be a little mischievous. And that’s why she’s already become a customer favorite.

Meet Ronaldo at The Cat Cafe


After two bonded brothers, Boo and Herkie, went home, we just had to bring in another bonded pair. Marco and Ronaldo are a couple of orange tabbies. These brothers are a little over a year old. They’re friendly, but they’re also a little shy.

Meet Marco at The Cat Cafe


Right now, they spend most of their time in the retreat. We’re working to get them out into the playpen, but they’re not ready for that yet. Give them time, and we’re sure someone’s going to fall in love with these two brothers.

Meet Brittany at The Cat Cafe


Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Brittany to introduce you to. She’s about a year and a half old. And she spent exactly no time in the retreat after we let her out of her carrier. She walked right out into the playpen and started exploring. Brittany loves to be pet, and she came from a home with a two year old and a baby, so she’s okay with respectful young children.

Come on by and meet the five newest members of The Cat Cafe clowder. But don’t wait too long. A number of people have asked about adopting some of these cats. If you wait too long, you may miss out on seeing them! We hope to see you at The Cat Cafe soon to say hello to these new cats and ones who have been around longer.


New Weekend Procedures At The Cat Cafe

At The Cat Cafe, we’ve always wanted to be a place where people could visit on an impromptu basis. We don’t like the idea of requiring reservations to get in. While we have reservations for those who want to get in at a specific time, the idea of requiring everyone to make one doesn’t sit well with us. We don’t plan on requiring reservations except during peak times like Comic-Con. This has worked well for us for most of the time we’ve been open.

The Crowd on Some Weekends at The Cat Cafe

The Crowd on Some Weekends at The Cat Cafe

Lately, however, we’ve had upwards of 20 people waiting to get in to interact with the cats. And we’ve had to warn people that they were looking at an hour wait to get in and turn some of them away. We know our customers don’t like this, and we don’t like it either.

We learned quite a bit about how to handle large crowds during Comic-Con. And we’re going to put those lessons to use with a new system for the weekends.

People who want to visit will still be able to make reservations to hold their spots and to visit with the cats for an hour. We’re not changing that. If you want to be sure to get in at a specific time, please make a reservation.

What we are changing is how we admit people into the cat playpen if they don’t have a reservation. We won’t have people enter as space becomes available any more. Instead, once we go on a wait, we will admit people on the hour and half hour. And we will clear the room five minutes before the next group comes in.

Customers who arrive at The Cat Cafe without reservations will still make their purchases and head to the outdoor seating to enjoy their beverages and the San Diego weather. When you make your purchase, we’ll let you know what group you’ll be in. And we’ll let you know when you’ll be heading in to the cat playpen.

This system won’t eliminate waits on busy days. However, we feel that adding structure to our admissions will make it easier. We’re happy to take any questions you may have. Thanks for understanding that we need to make changes as we continue to grow and help more cats here at The Cat Cafe.

Meet The Cat Cafe’s Latest Arrivals

We’ve had a lot of new cats join The Cat Cafe clowder, and it’s time to let you know about them. We hope to see you visit us to meet these cats. Hopefully, someone will fall in love with them and take them home.

Meet Tiger Lily at The Cat Cafe

Tiger Lily

We’ve always had a soft spot for bengal cats, and Tiger Lily is no exception. She was lost or abandoned, and was wandering the streets of Los Angeles when she decided that she wanted to be inside. She walked up to the door of the person who took her as a foster, and loudly demanded attention. When that person posted on a bengal cat rescue group they needed help, we offered The Cat Cafe as a potential foster home for her. Now, this 7-10 year old cat is part of our clowder. She’s very vocal, and you’ll find her licking condensation off cold drinks.

Meet Cruiser at The Cat Cafe


Cruiser won’t wait for you to introduce yourself. He’ll do it himself. He’s about a year and a half, and he’s full of energy. When you meet him, you’d never believe that he fell off a balcony and broke a leg. The veterinarians who treated his broken leg also discovered that he had knee issues. So, after his broken leg healed, he went back to them for knee surgery. You’ll notice that Cruiser has a limp, but it doesn’t slow him down at all. He loves running around and showing people that despite his injuries, he’s a fun and playful cat.

Meet Jeanette at The Cat Cafe


Jeanette was fending for herself in the Imperial Valley. Fortunately for this two year old girl, someone found her, and she made her way to The Rescue House. Since arriving at The Cat Cafe, she’s shown she’s a playful girl, and she loves it when people come over and pet her. She’ll respond with head bonks. If Jeanette’s in the mood, she’ll entertain you by tossing her toys in the air and sometimes, she’ll even fetch them for you.

Meet Monty at The Cat Cafe


Monty, as we’ve decided to name him, has been through a lot in his eight years. First, he suffered from abscesses on his ears. The doctors drained the abscesses, but then his ears collapsed. Now, Monty looks like a Scottish fold. Monty then got surrendered, and he was pretty sad. Soon, though, he found his way to a new home. Things looked good for Monty, but the neighbors complained about his yowling. They said it was too loud. The apartment complex’s management told Monty’s people they needed to rehome him or they would face eviction. And that’s how Monty made his way to The Cat Cafe.

As you can see, we’ve got a wide range of cats for you to mingle with right now. Come visit us at The Cat Cafe and see if you fall in love with one of these cats. Who knows, they may be the perfect cat for you!

The Cat Cafe Sends Two Cats Home In July 2017

As you all know, July is always a very busy month for us at The Cat Cafe. In addition to Comic-Con, which brings 130,000 additional people to downtown San Diego, we’re right in the middle of the summer vacation season. And school is out for the summer as well.

Despite all of the increased visits to The Cat Cafe, July can be a hit or miss month for adoptions. Although we’ve done some long distance adoptions in the past, it’s not typical for someone vacationing in San Diego to take a cat home. And we also suspend adoptions for the week of Comic-Con. The crowds on the street can turn the most mild mannered cat into a feline hulk.

Ron Relaxing at The Cat Cafe Before Going Home

Ron Relaxing at The Cat Cafe Before Going Home

Despite all of this, during the month of July, The Cat Cafe sent two cats to their homes in July 2017. We’re glad that we sent Ron and Sookie to their homes, even though we’ll miss them. On the last day she was with us, Sookie seemed to know she was going home. She was very affectionate. She sat on the laps of a lot of staff members. It was like she knew she was leaving and she wanted to say goodbye and thank you.

The Cat Cafe is also glad to have raised $450 for The Rescue House. We want to thank our generous customers for this. Your donations will help The Rescue House continue to add to the more than 12,000 cats who have found homes through them.

We’re very happy to have accomplished these things in July. It’s always fun to send cats home, and it’s great to be able to present our rescue partner with funds to help them continue their work.

Thanks to all of our customers who helped make it happen. We hope you’ll visit The Cat Cafe again to spend time with old feline friends and to make new ones!

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